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Current Lines

Bergan by Coastal

A complete line of quality travel products including vehicle restraints, booster seats, seat protectors and carriers, complimented by an equally impressive array of storage solutions and innovative cat toys including the top selling Turbo Scratcher. Travel and adventure with your pet has never been easier!

Website: www.berganpet.com


Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Dog Bakery manufactures premium natural dog biscuits, bones and training treats in the USA. No animal by-products, additives or preservatives. Enhanced products support animal health and wellness.

Website: www.bluedogbakery.com


Caitec manufactures some of the most innovative products for birds on the market today, as well as aquarium and small animal products.

Website: www.caitec.com


Canine Caviar

Canine Caviar is a holistic premium cat and dog food line made with natural preservatives and without allergens to address pet health concerns like kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol.

Website: www.caninecaviar.com

Coastal Pet Products Inc.

Coastal Pet Products Inc. is the world’s largest pet collar and pet lead manufacturer. Their Safari Grooming brand is a well known leader in pet grooming. They offer a full line of equine, muzzles, tie-outs, safety and training products. Licensed brands include: Harley Davidson, Case IH, and Remington.

Website: www.coastalpet.com


Earthbath design all of their grooming products with the health of your pet in mind. They use nature's finest blends of cleansing potions and sumptuous, effective essences to produce products that are totally natural, nontoxic, paraben free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. These high quality shampoos, wipes and spritzes are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils, with none of the artificial colors and fragrances present in some other brands.

Website: www.earthbath.com



Espree produces a full product line of professional pet hair grooming products and solutions. All of Espree's products are natural, organic, aloe-based and use the highest quality ingredients to help soothe and condition the skin and coat.

Website: www.espree.com

Ethical Products Inc.

Ethical Products supplies a wide range of dog and cat toys, pet beds, accessories and fashion apparel for pets under their Spot, Fashion Pet and Lookin’ Good brands. A new US manufactured treat line called Kettle Creek is launching this year. They own and operate their own overseas import office for accessory direct import business.

Website: www.ethicalpet.com


Hero provides innovative, fun and durable dog toys to inspire play and interaction.  Natural rubber, durable fabric, retriever, puppy, & soft rubber toys are focused on design, quality and the latest technology.  A brand channel strategy has something for everyone. 

Website: www.herodogtoys.com

Hillside Farms

Hillside Farms produces Chicken, Duck, Lamb and Sweet Potato Dog Treats made with 100% natural ingredients under the brands Hillside Farms and Benni & Penni. They also own Absorbz brand training pads with patented WETLOCK™ technology.

Website: www.hillside-farms.com

Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly Pet Products specializes in all-natural pet products derived from Wild Alaskan Salmon and other wild fish. These products are extremely high in natural Omega 3s and Omega 6s which promote a heart-healthy pet, support the overall immune system and help your pet sport a healthier skin and coat.

Website: www.grizzlypetproducts.com

Ideal Pet Products

Ideal Pet Products manufactures pet doors allowing dogs & cats the freedom they deserve! Durable and designed for a variety of applications, Ideal`s products include all-weather doors, patio and screen doors, electronic and radio frequency doors, locking doors and basic flap doors. Developed with your pet`s safety and sense of adventure in mind since 1979.

Website: www.idealpetproducts.com

Mary's Free Range Pet Food

A complete raw frozen diet in single protein formulas that are completely USDA organic and non-GMO verified. Organic free-range chicken, duck and turkey are all raised at Mary’s Farms in the US and are air-chilled to preserve the flavour, yield and healthful qualities of the meat. These single meat diets are hormone and antibiotic free, inclusive of organic fruits and vegetables, and formed into convenient medallions and patties. Offered exclusively through Superior Farms.

Website: www.maryspetfood.com

Midwest Homes for Pets

Midwest Homes for Pets are producers of containment products for pets, such as dog crates, puppy training crates, dog kennels, and exercise pens. Their extensive product line-up also includes vehicle barriers, Avian birdcages, grooming tables and an expanded line of accessories including Quiet Time pet beds.

Website: www.midwesthomes4pets.com

Our Pet's

Our Pet’s is dedicated to promoting pet health, wellbeing, and owner and pet interaction. They are leaders in producing high quality products including full lines of feeding systems, waste management solutions, shelters, storage bins, and toys under Smart Scoop, GoCatsGo, Play N’ Squeak, Durapet, Pet Zone, Flappy Dog Toys, and Cosmic Catnip brands.

Website: www.ourpets.com

Pooch Pad

Manufacturer of indoor dog potty solutions featuring a vast product line of disposable and reusable housebreaking pads, beds, crate mats, diapers/male wraps, stain and odour solutions, and indoor potty turf. All reusable Pooch Pad products are made with Microfine fibres and odour inhibiting technology. PoochPads are absorbent, odour controlling pads ideal for puppies, older or incontinent dogs, and dogs that are "home-alone" during the workday. Use on floors, beds, cages, or any accident-prone areas. Quickly absorbs liquid without soaking through. Reusable and guaranteed for 300 washes, they are also environmentally friendly.

Website: www.poochpad.com

Presidio Natural Pet

Presidio Natural Pet Company, based in San Francisco, is dedicated to providing all-natural, high quality treats and nutritional supplements for pets. Presidio is a proud supporter of independent pet retailers and through its family of brands offers pet treat and supplement products with a commitment to all-natural and high quality ingredients.

Website: https://presidiopet.com

Superior Farms Pet Provisions

Vertically integrated from the farm to the plant, Superior produces 100% natural lamb, venison and beef treats and chews direct from their farms in the U.S.A. and New Zealand. Grain-free, gluten-free and without artificial colours, flavours or fillers, these nutritious and delicious treats and chews are quality guaranteed. Products include pizzles, hides, ears, shanks, lungs and bones, bulk individually wrapped and packaged.

Website: www.superiorfarmspet.com


World's Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter - Natural cat litter made from whole kernel corn with outstanding odor control. Quick clumping and 99% dust free, also available in lavender scented and multiple cat formulas.

Website: www.worldsbestcatlitter.com

Mission Statement

A.J. Turvey and Associates’ key mission is to provide expert coast-to-coast Canadian representation of pet products and brands. We achieve this by emphasizing high standards of honesty and integrity as trusted ambassadors to our customer base. As a manufacturers’ representative agency specializing in pet products, we provide a focused experience giving our clients an edge to increase sales and brand awareness in Canada.


We’re on top of the latest trends in the pet industry. Our team is always accessible when you or your staff need to get a hold of us. We use tablets in-store so our reps always have the latest information at their fingertips about your products.


Every team member at A.J. Turvey cares about the success and security of your company and the pets that use the products we represent. This care for people and animals underscores everything we do, We maintain strict data security protocols to safeguard your company’s data and proprietary processes.