Canadian Pet Product Sales

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Canadian Pet Product Sales

Is Our Specialty!

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Canadian Pet Product Sales

Is Our Specialty!

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People: The Core Ingredient in a Great Manufacturer’s Representative

A manufacturer’s representative is the ambassador for your products at the store level. To have the best ambassadors, you need to have the best people. Our knowledgeable, experienced salespeople and extensive office support provide superior service and are highly motivated to get the best results for our clients.

Pet Product Focus

Focusing exclusively on products for pets, we use our existing relationships to introduce or grow products in the market through distribution networks and direct retail opportunities. We have in-depth product expertise and foster long-term relationships with our partners as an extension of their team.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

A.J. Turvey team members are based out of regional offices across Canada to ensure the best national coverage for your products, including full French support in Quebec. This allows for tradeshows, fieldwork and appointments to be managed concurrently by seven people working full-time across Canada. Our head office in Pickering, Ontario is in the heart of one of the largest pet product markets in Canada in the Greater Toronto area and features a showroom where we can offer a mini-tradeshow experience to potential store buyers.


In-Store Work

We train store staff, manage displays, accompany distributor representatives in the field, and gather competitive information. We are your eyes and ears on the ground through our sales team who visit their customers’ stores regularly. We keep in touch with you regularly to keep you up to date on the latest sales trends, get answers to questions from retailers, and proactively deal with minor issues before they turn into problems.

Trade Show & Open House Representation

Our head office features a full-scale product showroom, plus we display at all prominent pet industry trade shows and open houses in Canada and the United States, including PIJAC shows in three different provinces, Global Pet Expo and Super Zoo.

Powered by The Latest Technology

We believe in staying connected with our customers through in-store meetings and the latest technology. Our sales force is equipped with the latest software, smartphones and devices with accessibility to a secure central server so they can be reached immediately and act on any urgent client requests. We frequently host webinars to train our clients, retailers and staff on products and make a point of scheduling regular visits to our vendors to keep up training and offer advice.

Professional Office Support Staff

Our head office in Pickering offers a professional home base for meetings. With two additional inside team members, the office provides analytical and administrative support to the sales team on the road. Some of the things we do each day include:

  • Writing orders to send business to our distributors
  • Resolving problems including logistics and accounting discrepancies
  • Analyzing point-of-sale (POS) data
  • Preparing forms and online content
  • Acting as a guide on compliance issues

  • Bilingual Packaging Design & Canadian Compliance

    The province of Quebec and any national retailer selling into Quebec require products with bilingual packaging. This segment represents 25% of our total market. To ensure your success, we will act as your guides on packaging for Quebec compliance and connect you with trusted translators. We will also consult with you on any further compliance items that are required to sell your product in the rest of Canada.

    Import/Export and Warehouse Services

    We can manage local inventory, provide warehousing, and import/export logistics for our international clients selling into the Canadian market. If we don’t have the service you are looking for, contact us anyway - if we don’t offer it, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who does.

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